-When sharing my work on your feed or stories, put in the caption the indication that the image belongs and was created by @frankiestain, this will make other people know my work and give the right credits.

-When you are a private user, if you want to use my work as a profile pic on Instagram, put credits in your bio.



-Make any color change or filter application on the image. This is my work and I don’t like to change it!

-Insert text into picture. We are not making a collab. MY image is MY image and your text is your text.

-Share on or off Instagram without credits.

-I do not authorize the use of my work without prior consultation. Does it cost to send a message?

-I do not auhtorize printing or application on any product, even personal.  Nothing.



-If we do not have a prior agreement (and I’m not being paid for it) the use of logos or calls to images is not authorized.

-I do not authorize use in events, promotions, courses, workshops, products or whatever without prior agreement.

-If you think I have everything to do with your brand -or cause- send me an email and I’ll be happy to talk with you:  info@ohfrankie.com

-Illustrating is a job just like any other and demanding compensation for it should be more than natural.

-Using unauthorized images and creations from others is clearly disrespectful to an artist and shows that you don’t respect my work.